Tumbler Batmobile Golf Cart Is the Sports Conveyance You Deserve (for $17,500)


Golf is often stereotyped as a pastime of the rich – and who’s richer than Bruce Wayne? Tumble over the links like a deranged millionaire playboy in this Nolanverse-styled Batmobile cart – having to actually play the game of golf is a small price to pay for being able to scare any superstitious, cowardly lots on the green.

What isn’t a small price, however, is the tab for the cart itself, currently commanding an eBay “buy it now” charge of $17,500, and Rao knows how much on top of that for shipping. You don’t have much time to raise the funds if you want it – three days are remaining on the auction. Sniper bidders may even come to the fore at the last minute…but that’s just par for the course, isn’t it?

h/t 10glfan59 via NerdApproved