WATCH: Darker Dark Crystal “Director’s Cut” Surfaces on YouTube


My position on The Dark Crystal is what some of you might call the Bad Nerd stance.

I think the design is amazing, save the grotesque near-human Gelflings, who are as unintentionally terrifying as any CGI uncanny valley today. I love the world building. And yet when I rewatched it a few years ago, expecting awesomeness, I was shocked to find that the story is kinda dumb, and the voice acting really isn’t that good.

This may not have always been the case. A YouTube user named “skoodidabop” got his hands on an earlier cut of the film, in which some scenes were re-ordered, and far less of the dialogue was on-the-nose, with all voice-over narration excised. This version was at least tested with audiences, though that doesn’t necessarily make it a “director’s cut,” as directors also like to see what does and doesn’t play well to a crowd.

Nonetheless, as of this writing, you can watch the earlier version online now (some of the scenes are in black and white, but it has been restored as well as is possible without access to the original elements). Proceed at will…

via Geektyrant