Zombie Apocalypse Vodka Will Get You Dead Drunk


When they said well-placed shots would bring down a zombie, who knew they meant this? Alcohol does kill brain cells, so I suppose if you give a zombie enough vodka over many years, these “head shots” will bring it down…it’s the friendly way. Of course if you read the book Warm Bodies, you know that it’s super-dangerous to get a zombie drunk if there’s a chance he might ever unzombify out of love (the alcohol part was conspicuously omitted from the movie version, when it was decided that giving the hero a murderous, booze-fueled rampage in the middle of his humanizing would make the audience less sympathetic).

I imagine in a pinch, vodka also makes a good preservative for floating heads in tanks. After all, the Governor prefers whiskey when it comes time to drink.

via Amber Love