Geordi La Forge Contact Lenses Are Actually Happening


We didn’t even have to go through a visor phase first…

Bar-Ilan University’s Professor Zeev Zalevsky created a contact lens that, when attached to electrodes, creates sensations in the retina of the eye that can be translated into images. The contact lens receives signals from a regular “off the shelf” camera or smartphone, which the wearer either holds or wears. When a blind person wearing the fitted contact lens looks at an object or points the camera towards it, the camera converts the image into electronic Braille by sending tactile sensations to the retina. The communication system between the camera and the lens operates by Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID.

It strikes me that there are also some potential spying applications, if you happen to give said camera to somebody else while still wearing the contacts. Or slide it under doors. Or, you know, put it places only Dr. Abraxas would think to put such objects – finally, you can literally disappear up your own ass?

I’m overthinking again. Just invent me a replicator next, Israel.

h/t Jacob Hayman