Hip-Hop Meets Fantasy RPG in DnDizzle: Dragons in the Hood


Word life – this is basic dragonomics. Are you ready to serve the benevolent King Pimperton as a heroic O.G.?

“Now Comptonia is all f***ed up and it’s your job to fix it. So go get experience, jack monsters, bling out your armor and sword, until you are straight pimpin’, all day every day. Gather your homies, ’cause you are gonna need some trusted motherf***ers to watch yo back, like a gangsta convention or some sh*t and fight for you home; it’s the only one you got. Now it’s time for you to go forth! Cry, “thug life!” and let slip the gats of war; just don’t be caught trippin’.”

First, they need a few more benjamins – this is a Kickstarter, but not a very expensive one.

I love how the first of the FAQ is “Is it Racist?” I’m hardly going to spoil the answer here.

Not that they asked, but the second question should be “Can you promise this will be nothing like Marlon Wayans in that terrible D&D movie?”