I READ YOUR FANFIC! Katara and Sokka in ‘A Bad Fic’ by Abraxas, Part 2


Continuing the fan fiction Rob refused to read, and my wife refused to participate in the filming of. If you thought M. Night Shyamalan was the worst thing to happen to The Last Airbender, think again. And realize that the longer this goes, the drunker I get – once you’ve started, I say hang in there. My thanks again to RegularStormy for his help.

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Title: Katara and Sokka in ‘A Bad Fic’ by Abraxas

Logline: Characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender commit incest, and must deal with the consequences of pregnancy in the worst way

Acts Involved: Vaginal sex, oral sex, handjobs, father-daughter incest, brother-sister incest, menstruation talk, abortion, abortion fetish, infantiality, cannibalism, pedophilia.

Participants: Hakoda, Katara, Sokka, Gran-Gran.

The live reading: