Meet Chopper, Star Wars: Rebels‘ Astromech With an Attitude


He literally talks like a broken record. He’s made of spare parts, so much so that his third leg is just a single wheel. His personality is as figuratively explosive as R5-D4’s was literal, and their heads are similar. But he’s also an astromech with arms in his head, so he can do Shatneresque gestures if he chooses.

Look, Artoo could be a bit of a dick sometimes (given their retconned past, his treatment of Yoda in Empire is really kinda jerky). It’s only natural another droid would take that further. Maybe he was a head welded to a Jedi starfighter in his previous life, and the Jedi was a joyless ponce like Obi-Wan. Or maybe he’s the whole reason Wuher the bartender won’t serve their kind. Chopper does sound a bit like a drunk in this video…

h/t Hollywood Reporter