New “Marvel Universe Live” Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows Crossovers Not Yet Possible on Film


Animatronic Hulk-walking. Cap shield-throwing. Thor hammer-tossing. These and more are part of what you see being practiced in this new video showcasing the preparation for the touring spectacular, which now appears to be primarily an arena stunt show (initially what was promised sounded more like a middle-finger to Universal for still keeping east-coast Marvel theme-park rights from Disney, with a ride and props, which this admittedly does not rule out, but indicates the focus will probably not be that).

Movie-style Avengers will mingle with redesigned X-Men and Spider-Man (Fox and Sony own the Matrixy mutant duds and goofy new Electro look, respectively, but not the characters themselves), and tickets/tour dates are now available: they appear to run from $45 to $150 before Ticketmaster fees and all that BS.

Worth it? Check out the video and maybe you’ll be able to decide. For $150, I sorta feel like they ought to throw in a five-minute makeout session with either Thor or Black Widow.

via USA Today