The Weekend Hangover: Simpsons Lego, Levitating Soundwaves, King Tut Erections

Collecting highlights from all the all the tidbits you might have missed over the weekend.


Everyone LOVES to bash The Simpsons on the weekend thread. But I dare you try and bash this.

This week’s contributors include Anyone00, Timely-Tardis-Lego, rkwsuperstar, SlyDante777, Gallen_Dugall, troi, skrag2112, andre_morello, troi.

-Is the earth’s magnetic field real…or dogshit?

-James Franco. A guy on Reddit with two penises. Please, please do the math.

-A website dedicated to nipple lasers.

-What if you had NO comeback to “Yo mamma’s butt so big…”?

Stay classy, Walt Disney.
-I hope Andy Serkis’ Animal Farm ends up being 90 minutes of this:

Mortal Kombat “cosplayers” performing endless Subway jingle – my college band did similar things, but the dfiierence was we never put it online.

Man on dog romance hits the mainstream.

Flash! Waaah-ahhhh! Mugged by more than one of us!

-So…there’s a world championship for nose-squirting?

-Who knew Go Nagai tried to get a Supermarionation-style show made back in the ’80s?

-Are Manicorns too lively for you?

-Hasbro’s hideous new pull-apart superheroes.

-Donnie Yen’s Monkey King 3D just became one of my most anticipated movies this year.

-New video game has a 7-11 dungeon. Or as we like to call them, a 7-11.

Patrick Stewart is a-moo-sed.

-Soundwaves can levitate stuff, but not yet eject transforming cassettes.

3D-print yourself with a Kinect.

-Neil Gaiman gets board of Lovecraft.

-Robo-doc needs some prime directives put in place.

“Bury Me With a Boner” need to be a country song, and soon, even if it does have a pagan worldview.

Finding time travelers online is probably still easier than finding someone who’ll actually date you.

-Some knob-warming action.


-A Space Invaders TV show, with interactive shooting like Captain Power? I’d call that long overdue.

-The Hidden Ecosystem of the Walmart Parking Lot. Yep, I’ll click on that.

-Online dating profile tips I could have used ten years ago.

-Soundwaves? Ha! Spray paint works just as well for levitating stuff. Right?

-An anime dating site, for folks who need a little reverse cowboy bebop in the bedroom.

-Pikachu period pads.

-Why did nobody tell me before that there was a game called Unicorn Makeout Mania?

-Honest Disney Song.

-Nothing wrong with scaly spandex.

-Rob Bricken can finally train to become a ninja without leaving town.

-Japan’s creepiest helpful dog.