This Awesome Snake Mountain Polystone Model Needs to Be Way Bigger


Before Mattel charged $300 for their new Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull, Icon Heroes made a much smaller, Polystone one that was close to that price tag. Now that Mattel is saying that Grayskull was probably a one-off, and everyone worked extra hours for no extra pay to make it., etc., Icon has done it again with Snake Mountain, which will also be $300. This is arguably an even bigger challenge, since the vintage toy of Skeletor’s lair looked nothing remotely like the animated rendition.

This 16″ tall “environment statue” has nicely combined key elements of every prior Snake Mountain depiction into something recognizable yet different. My favorite new detail, presumably Filmation-inspired, is the cute baby dragon chilling out in the acid lake. A slightly humanizing touch for a stronghold of pure evil.


Now, I don’t have $300 to spend on any potential Mattel version, or this one. But I can enjoy the pretty pictures. And recall that the vintage Snake Mountain cost my grandmother ninety Irish pounds at the time (department store prices plus inherent Irish inflationary prices), which is probably not far off from $300 in today’s bucks.