Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: Game of Thrones, Boobs, Butts and Banks


Luke’s mother-in-law is former LAPD, a licensed property appraiser and a self-described crazy cat lady. None of which has prepared her for TR readers. All questions and answers are real.

Hi all. Amazing how time flies between my rantings. I guess it is because I am busy, busy. So here is my rant for this week. Went into my local branch of Chase Bank this week. I was making a cash deposit into a friend’s account. I am not a signer on the account, just dropping off cash (US currency, green backs, etc). I was informed by the teller that as of March 1, 2014, they (Chase) would no longer accept cash or money orders for deposit unless you are a signer on the account. They would, however, take my personal check and put that in another’s account. Then to top it all off they wanted to see my ID to make the deposit. You would have thought I was handing the teller Monopoly Money. Can’t believe that a United States Bank will not take US currency.

I next went to another bank that I do business with, and the tellers at that bank could not believe that Chase has this policy. They said that they would be happy to take cash and deposit it into someone’s account and I did not have to be a signer on the account. Has anyone else run into this stupidity?

Also as I am the cat lady – could not resist the above pic I took today of Frizzy hard at work in my office. We are going to have a good rain storm starting sometime tonight and going off and on to Saturday – we really need the rain here in California. Good night to start a fire and warm the house up. So now on to your questions for this week…

Kyle A.: What’s the best kind of nerd? How do I become that one?

In my opinion – and of course, that is what you are going to get – the best type of nerd is one that has lots of fun with whatever thing they find to be nerdy about. Have a great time and learn everything you can on the subject. How do you become one? – Follow your dream and learn, learn, learn.

Timely-Tardis-Lego: A long time ago after my leg recovered from being snapped in half, I was given a leg bracer to keep that sort of thing happening again. It was a big plastic copy of my leg up to the knee that was supposed to be like leg armor.

I never used it since it felt like a peg leg mixed with a cement shoe from mafia movies due to the weight.

Anyway, I found it in the garage the other day. Any ideas what I should do with it. The foot is attached to it, so I can strap it on my arm and use it as a shovel. Other than that, I’ve been thinking of buying a nerf gun, taking it apart, and turning the whole thing into an arm blaster like Mega Man

Well, you have a couple of good ideas there already. You could also turn it into a lamp or maybe some sort of weird vase. Maybe an umbrella stand. Keep it around for Halloween and go as a 3-legged something. Let me know what you decide.

Gallen_Dugall: QUESTION – back in the 1800s mainstream science was convinced that the majority of the universe was made up of “aether” a substance that could not be detected or measured normally and they did impressive maths and built models to show how it worked – turned out they were wrong, there was no such thing, and in fact Newtonian Physics simply needed to be adjusted and added to in order to make sense of things for which it had never been intended to explain.

Fast forward to the present – mainstream science is convinced that the majority of the universe is made up of “dark matter” a substance that cannot be detected or measured normally and they do impressive maths and build models to show how it works in order to force Newtonian Physics explain things it was never intended to explain.

Am I just being stubbornly contrarian or is it reasonable to assume that we are seeing a pattern repeating of the scientific community being unwilling to admit that their most holy of holies, Newtonian Physics with all its nice round whole numbers, isn’t the most accurate or complete explanation for everything?

Ahhhh ok, sounds to me like it’s the same thing with just another name. I heard today that there is a planetary telescope and that there are over 1700 planets that have been found. Maybe one of those planets has Intel live and can answer the question.

Patch999: OK serious question. I enjoy working out, once I get past the hump of starting regular routine. Lately I can’t get motivate beyond a few miles on the treadmill per week.
I convince myself that it’s a time issue. I’ll be ready to start then see there is laundry to be done, or dinner to make, or homework with the kids and so on.

How do I find the motivation to work out daily?

Yep, I have the same problem. But even a few miles on the treadmill a week is better then nothing so congrats for that. I love to exercise in the pool, but never seem to find time. I am self-employed so my time is my own to schedule. I do a lot of walking in my job and I am out in the field several days a week. The other days I am in the office at my keyboard. So what I do on those days – that I am in the office – is to set a timer and get away from the desk every 2 hours and walk outside, 4 laps around my house. Also keep in mind that doing the household chores does burn calories

Edward G.: Which will see first in the next season of Game of Thrones – women’s boobs or naked guy butt?


William B. : If your cat brings in a live creature as a toy and you throw it back outside, does that make you a mean human?

Nope. My cats don’t bring things in because they are totally indoor kitties. But they do however catch spiders and scorpions in the house and they do play with them until they kill them. Then I toss the item (the offending critter) out of the door. My kitties love playing with the bugs, but as soon as they die they are not fun anymore, so I am merely the disposal unit until they find something else to be entertained with. They still love me bunches.

John K: Given the current socioeconomic situation in Europe combined with the geopolitical unrest in the Middle East and Africa what is, in your estimation, the best non-chocolate candy bar?

Well I have 2 favorites. I am not a big chocolate candy bar fan, unless it’s a Mounds. But anyway my two favs are Blue Raspberry Turkish Taffy and Coconut Slice Candy.

Well, group, that’s all for this week. Keep the questions coming. Hugs.

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