Doom 4 Is Finally Coming! Kids Today Respond, “What’s Doom?”


I think Doom may have been the first game that I really played addictively, as in I couldn’t wait to get to the next level, then the next, then the next, then suddenly it was morning outside and all the soda in my house was gone. Part of the appeal, though, was the simplicity of the controls – when Doom 64 made the analog stick part of the deal, it wasn’t as much fun any more.

Nowadays, first-person shooters are so common and have gone through so many new gimmicks that you have to wonder what a new Doom could possibly offer – at this point, it’s like telling high-school me that Pac-Man 4 is coming out. Nevertheless, the first access to the beta will come when you preorder the new Wolfenstein game, which is like telling high-school me that you need to buy Space Invaders 4 in order to get a look at that aforementioned Pac-Man sequel.

Hey, I wish ’em the best – it’s like learning that that first ex-girlfriend, after some hard times, is reviving her career again.

h/t SlyDante777