Kotobukiya Planning Sexy Freddy vs. Jason Bishoujo Statues to Confuse Your Boner

Kotobukiya Facebook


I guess Bishoujo as a style is now officially of the same mindset as the U.S. Halloween costume industry. If you can’t BE an insanely fit woman with an inappropriately sexified costume based on a male character, you can at least OWN one, in plastic form.

But while I get why women enjoy crossplay, I don’t understand the mindset that finds Freddy and Jason sexy, and wishes they had boobs. I mean, it’s not like they’re hideously deformed but actually nice on the inside once you get to know them – F&J are assholes whose ugliness matches their evil. So when you try to get me turned on with their iconography, poor me gets confused.

I feel like one day they’ll try to sell us something like Bishoujo Reagan and Obama, and that worries me. A lot.