She Finally Agreed! Sigourney Weaver Says Yes to Alien Figures


NECA’s newly revealed Power Loader toy won’t stand empty after all. Today they announced that they have indeed done what Hot Toys and other companies could not do, and gotten Sigourney Weaver to agree to at least two Ellen Ripley action figures that actually look like her: one from Alien and one from Aliens, both to be revealed at San Diego Comic Con.

Note: the Alien one will be in her jumpsuit, and not from the strip-to-underwear finale. “That’s not how I’d have handled it,” Todd McFarlane is rumored to have said to nobody, in my imagination.

Keep reading to see NECA’s 1985 1994 Godzilla figure (the new movie one is still under embargo, and the 1985 one is coming too)


h/t Preternia