Sons of Anarchy Figures Debut, but Don’t Expect Them to Sit on Bikes

John Charles via Mezco

Well, to paraphrase what they always say about The Walking Dead, it’s not about the bikes, it’s about the characters. Right? And while I own maybe six different Ron Perlman toys already, none actually looks like him out of latex. Add to that NECA’s declaration that they’re not making any of the human figures from Pacific Rim, and I understand the demand for these guys…even though they don’t have bikes to ride, and don’t have the leg articulation to sit on them if they did.

They’re also going to be available in alternate outfits that I’m told might be spoilers, so don’t read further if you don’t wanna know…

John Charles via Mezco

Insert gag about prisoners not being able to sit down here.

Many thanks to freelancer John Charles for making his photos available to everyone.