Star Wars: Rebels Adds, Essentially, a Suicide Girl


She’s “spunky.” She’s “feisty.” She has attitude. She’s a Mandalorian, like Boba Fett. Why, this rebellious girl has colorful streaks in her hair! Tattoo-like designs on her armor! And she’s…a graffitti artist?

This is Star Wars, right?

“She seems hip, she knows how to have fun, but she’s also serious.” You guys basically gave us The Lego Movie‘s Wyldstyle here without the irony then, am I right? I guess Ahsoka kinda started out as annoyingly fake-hip too before developing depth, but something about this feels so incredibly calculated…and out of place in a galaxy that’s only a decade or so away from having everyone looking like it’s the late ’70s.

If the writing’s good, anything can be saved, but…you know what’s coming here (aside from about 400 terrible fanfics)…

I have a bad feeling about this.