The Purge Sequel Trailer and Poster Expand the Concept


Good poster, that. I can see it selling pretty well to both pro and anti gun people.

Anyway, no big names like Ethan Hawke are in The Purge: Anarchy, but what they saved on stars is gained in production value, as the movie goes outside the house and immediate neighborhood of the original, focusing on a young couple whose car breaks down at the worst possible time on the worst day of the year.

The one character I’d like to see focused on in a Purge movie is the guy (or lady) who makes all those scary-ass masks – they’re obviously professional jobs. Do you think they sell them just on Purge night, or all year round? Are there, like, pop-up Halloween stores around Purge time? I want Clerks-style webisodes about Purge prep stores, dammit.

Until then, here’s this…