The SpongeBob/Watchmen Mashup You Never Knew You Needed (But Really Do)


I can always appreciate an auteur who says, “You know what? Let me take two properties that are great but that nobody cares about right now, and put them together.”

Hey, let’s face it, that’s more or less what James Gunn’s done, just with one multi-character property in his case.

So…SpongeBob meets Watchmen, by Rodrigo Huerta. I do have to subtract points for not having Squidward be the instrument of destruction, but he is, after all, following the Snyder version. And David Hasselhoff should have been Dr. Manhattan. Other than that, though, it’s the nautical nonsense you’ll have watched, five minutes in the future. You’re there, sitting at your computer. Four minutes and 45 seconds into the future now. You are typing.

“Luke, you su…”

h/t Anyone00