WWE’s Sheamus Wants to Play Venom, Fight Spider-Man Onscreen


Inspired by ring-mate Batista’s performance in Guardians of the Galaxy, the “Celtic Warrior” tells that one of his lifelong dreams is to portray Spider-Man foe Eddie Brock.

I liked the character from the Spider-Man cartoons, the one from the 90’s. And to me, I look like Eddie Brock, I have red hair, and when they did the alien costume story. I think I’d make a formidable opponent for Spider-Man in that role. I don’t know [if]Marvel true-bloods would be upset with Sheamus being Eddie Brock but I think I could do a hell of a lot better job than the last guy.

At first I thought he was crazy, because I remembered Eddie Brock as being blond – probably because the Toy Biz action figures I owned are. But one image search later, the comparison above doesn’t look so bad.

So what DO you think, Marvel true-bloods? Should the Brogue Kick become the Symbiote Stomp? Sheamus doesn’t seem like the evil type, but then again, neither did Topher Grace (who, by the way, is yet another example of fanboys being ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about bad casting, something that happens constantly, contrary to everyone who brings up Heath Ledger every goddamn time).