Admit It, You Weren’t Expecting an Official Game of Thrones Hip-Hop Album


“Got my back to the wall, this is a rap, this is war, take a sabbatical, I battle anybody who want it.” Game of Thrones is arguably one of the whitest shows going, but it’s getting an official “mixtape” called Catch the Throne for free download, in which rappers sampling the show’s soundtrack will create “songs that encourage and inspire listeners who may not have been immersed in the storylines to catch up on previous seasons of Game of Thrones using HBOGO.” (Somehow I doubt there’ll be one entitled “Pay for Premium Cable, Yo,” but that does seem to be the subtext.)

“I sit and think when I’m in my zone, cuz life is like a game of thrones.” Starting March 7th, you can download it for free. Will you?