New Edge of Tomorrow Trailer Feels Like I’ve Lived Through It Already


Hi, Tom Cruise. I don’t hate you like a lot of people I know do. Your primary modes of “intense focus” and ” big laughter” work for the roles you get, and I’m all for your support of sci-fi.

But seriously, don’t make it so obvious that you insist on riding a motorcycle in every movie, no matter how germane to the plot it is. And once you’ve done one movie in which multiple clones of you get killed, maybe following it with one where you die again and again isn’t quite so interesting as it might otherwise be. I know you have weird beliefs about souls, but they don’t have to be manifest in every single project.

Just lookin’ out for ya, man. When it comes to what to do with some of your default impulses, one might even say All You Need Is Kill…