New Pink Panther Movie Will Actually Be About an Oddly Colored Feline

Aimee Ray

No more Steve Martin…Well, I hate to say this because I love the guy, but that’s for the best in this franchise. Ty Burrell’s Inspector Clouseau rip-off in Muppets Most Wanted already outdoes anyone else working right now, so I’m guessing MGM decided not to try for one-upmanship.

The new caper film will focus on the Pink Panther character, rather than Inspector Clouseau, and will harken back to the tone shared by the original Friz Freleng and David De Patie cartoons as well as that of Blake Edwards’ films.

The Panther will be CG in a live-action world. Because that’s what made the Smurfs movies so awesome that they’re already rebooting from scratch. The good news is that it’s from one of the directors of Monsters Inc. and The Simpsons Movie. I liked the cartoons when I was a kid (and as such liked pretty much every cartoon I saw) but have never felt the desire to revisit them. You?