Pete Holmes Takes on Chun-Li in a Battle of…Human Resources


True story: during my freshman year of college, when most of us were obsessed with the Street Fighter II arcade game, one of my acquaintances – a clueless Korean kid, who also once stated that he couldn’t understand why anyone would have sex and risk a disease – opined that he thought it would be funny if you could rape Chun-Li after defeating her. Especially if you played as Balrog, because Mike Tyson, right?

We eventually convinced him that he was saying an incredibly terrible thing, at which point he denied ever having said it. But it came to mind again watching the Pete Holmes skit above, in which an awkward human resources manager lectures the strongest woman in the world (Lilan Bowden) on her inappropriate attire, before announcing he’d be down for “fun in the Chun.”

The Holmes skit is funny and the creepiness obviously fake. But it works because boy, did Chun-Li ever inspire inappropriate thoughts in folks I knew.