Take a Dump in the Sarlacc’s Mouth, Like You’ve Always Wanted


Get ready to, uhh, brew some brown Boba tea as you crap in Carkoon with the Toilet Sarlacc sticker sheet that turns your tidy bowl into Star Wars‘ most famous vagina dentata! It’s enough to make Han Solo go blind again. Creator Robbie Rane has this to say:

One day I was making poop jokes with a buddy, you know the kind: “go drop the kids off at the pool”, “end the search for Brown October”, and someone said “toss Boba Fett in the Sarlacc”, ever since I’ve wanted to make this.

He warns that “Installing this decal set may prove to be more difficult than disarming a thermal detonator while riding a tauntaun, but it is a Sarlaac in your toilet so give a guy a break.”


To buy one of your own for $25, email Robbie. It’s one of the few times a shitty deal is actually a good one.

h/t Alison Gianotto