The Sin City Sequel Really Got Made and Here Are Pics to Prove It


After all the talk, I, like many of you, said I’d believe this movie was happening when I saw proof. Well…here it is. Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Josh Brolin and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in living non-color. (Weirdest casting choice for the new film: Michael Clarke Duncan’s character Manute is now played by Dennis Haysbert, apparently. Yet somehow I doubt the race-specific concern-trolls will be out in force for that one. It would help if I hadn’t confused my Dennises and thought of Farina.) If I’m not imagining it, these images look softer than before, as if trying to hide an age gap or something.

The biggest question now is: do you still care about Sin City? Or, perhaps, now that she has a post-baby bod to show off, will Jessica Alba finally do her stripper character justice with a fully faithful portrayal?




via Empire