18″ Star Wars Black Series(esque) Figures With Sound? Crap, Me Poor Now


As part of Star Wars Day, May 4th, Disney Stores are launching new Star Wars items onto shelves, showing them off like they own them or something. Many are plushes. And then there are these 18-inch figures with actual sounds and phrases from the movie.

You’d expect them to look like crap…but by all appearances, these figures are using blown-up versions of the 6″ Black Series sculpts. All save Vader, anyway – Han, Luke and the Stormtrooper look exactly like their smaller counterparts…save that their guns are apparently legally big enough to need red tips now (though that may be just for light-up effect). Check ’em out and tell me I’m wrong.

This is what blows my mind, though: at least one source is saying these’ll cost around $30. I can’t remember the last time anything that big cost that little, except that one time at Dr. Dirty’s House of Syphilitic Discount Gigolos. In fact, I flat-out don’t believe it right now. But like Fox Mulder, I want to. And I know Disney could make these good deals since they own all the rights and don’t have to pay license fees like Hasbro. I just can’t see them being that generous. You?