As Above, So Below: New Legendary Movie Says Hell Is Under Paris


Legendary normally brings us gigantic comic-book movies like 300 and The Dark Knight, but their first non-WB release is this Paris Catacombs horror from the makers of Devil. Remember Devil? Probably not – they presented it using M. Night Shyamalan’s name and that put everybody off, but it was actually an effective little chiller based on what could have been an insanely stupid premise: a group of people are trapped in an elevator with SATAN! (Seriously, I was scared of elevators for like a whole ten minutes after the movie ended.)

Satan seems to have relocated to the Catacombs under Paris – an actual tourist attraction, not that you’d know it watching this – and director John Erick Dowdle still seems to have a thing for shooting cityscapes upside down as a cheap disorientation tactic. I can’t tell if this is actually found-footage or just really shaky handheld, but it’s not one of those movies that’s afraid to reveal a creepy thing or two.

Yay for original movies, though.