Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Game Launches at “The Drunken Clam” [Pics & Junk]


On April 10th, mobile gamers will be able to build their own Quahog and collect stuff in it, as Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff appears ripe for cashing in on love for The Simpsons: Tapped Out. As I found at the launch party, though, nobody involved is overly fond of that comparison; one Fox marketing guy threw out a ton of buzzwords that esssentially amounted to, “they’re similar but different” (he did confirm a Firefly game, though, but when asked if any of the original actors are involved his only response was “stay tuned.”)

I’ll put it this way: The Quest for Stuff is not like Tapped Out in the same way that Family Guy is not like The Simpsons. For one thing, you’re not building the town from scratch – you’re RE-building it following an apocalyptic fight with the Giant Chicken. Totally different. Also, this game may not yell at me as loudly from Julia’s phone as Homer currently does, randomly, in the middle of the night.

Here’s the game teaser:

Fox and TinyCo games went all out for this premiere, turning a Hollywood bar into The Drunken Clam, and providing hours of free food and booze.



In the spirit of the show, there was of course Beer Pong.


And here’s me doing a tequila shot from the tail of a giant ice-sculpted Peter Griffin mermaid.


Not all the food was the kind of thing you’d imagine Peter consuming – like this antipasti skewer. But there was deep-fried chicken dipped in both blue cheese and syrup, which I can see him totally going for.


Celebrity guests? Done and done and done and done and BATMAN!


Alex Borstein on the “set.”


Borstein with Gary Cole and Phil LaMarr, no doubt discussing TPS reports.


HOLY JESUS FUCK WHAT IS THAT???? (I did not plan this in any way)


Thank god The Tick’s here. He’ll protect me.


I see you, stalkerazzi. Hope that’s a really long lens.


I’ll leave you with a couple of screen shots provided to us: