Mattel Reveals “Filmation Hordak” for Comic-Con


One of the most requested figures by Masters of the Universe fans has been a figure of She-Ra’s arch-enemy Hordak that actually resembles his cartoon appearance, and Mattel has always had a stupid excuse for not doing it, i.e. that if you put Filmation Hordak through their imaginary “Classics Machine,” he’d come out looking like the original action figure. This despite significant differences in appearance.

Now he’ll be their Comic-Con exclusive…though I’m not sure he’ll please those who’ve been doing the begging. Yes, he has the right colors, he’s capeless, and the figure will come with interchangeable cannon arms. But cartoon Hordak had a distinctly different head, with a more mechanical, blocky lower jaw. A new coat of paint on the old head doesn’t seem quite right.

Not that I was going to buy him anyway – I never liked the sinus-snorting, impotent caricature they made him into on TV, versus the “most evil being in the universe” his cardback described – but for fans who wanted this variant, are you satisfied?