Overnight/Weekend Open Thread: Have an Ultra-Masterful Day


In last minute roundups of stuff…

Grand Theft Auto starring the princesses from Frozen.

-Princess Peach in “The Phanto of the Mushroom Kingdom”

-Taco Bell tries an upscale spinoff, while Ronald McDonald gets a fake-hipster makeover.

-First San Diego Comic-Con exclusive toy announced: Mego style black-and-white Super Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street 5.

-Brad Bird wants a fully loaded Iron Giant Blu-ray; WB doesn’t.

-A Kaiju size chart envisions Godzilla, Cloverfield, the Kraken and Naboo’s Sando among the Pacific Rim monsters.

-Monty Python’s (last?) live stage show will be shown in theaters.

Mad Max game trailer shows that Mel Gibson is still unsafe behind the wheel.

-A game about an evil robot teddy bear putting students on trial for murders it made them commit is getting a live stage show.