Hot Toys Gets Horny With 12″ Scale Rhino From Amazing Spider-Man 2


As much as I generally disliked The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as a toy collector I have to take issue with the criticism that it’s a giant toy commercial. Why? Because Hasbro only made Spidey and Electro from the movie – there is no Dane DeHaan Goblin toy or Rhino vehicle on American toy shelves.

But for those of you with unlimited funds and sources for import toys, Hot Toys just gored you in the pocketbook. For perspective, that is a 12″ tall Spider-Man in the foreground. I like how Oscorp totally anticipated that they’d be giving the suit to a Russian and painted a red star on it.

There is no indication yet of whether or not a Paul Giamatti figure comes inside, but knowing how Hot Toys tends to go crazy with detail and price points, I would expect one to be revealed shortly. Or maybe sold separately, just so they can jack you on shipping costs above and beyond everything else. So please, Hasbro – make a cheaper one. My general disdain will not prevent me from owning Paul Giamatti as a robot rhinoceros.