The Dilemma of the Edible Water Bottle


I admit, the idea of being able to eat your water bottle rather than throw it away seems like a win-win. Less trash for the environment, more nutrition for you. But then you think about it. Dirt’s gonna touch that bottle when you pack it wherever you pack such things, right? So how to keep the vessel hygienic enough to eat? Yup, gonna have to pack it in something else for that. Packing several into a larger container is one idea.

And then there’s the description of the alimentary experience:

The jelly texture around [the bottles]is something we are not used to yet. Not all of the reactions were positive. Some people say that [the bottles]are like breast implants or jellyfish

…which tells me that more people have eaten breast implants and jellyfish than I would have ever imagined.

(I have actually eaten jellyfish as sushi. Cut into strips, it’s like noodles made of squid. That probably doesn’t sell you on the idea.)

The name “Ooho” is fun, though. That’s what my two year-old cousin used to call Santa Claus.

h/t Gallen_Dugall