Toy News Trifecta: New Movie Dinobots, Pacific Rim and Firefly


1. Credit Where Credit’s Due.

Godzilla may be opening today, but that doesn’t mean the kaiju will always be triumphant, as Pacific Rim’s principal Jaegers are back in black for Comic-Con, in an exclusive three-pack representing the way they looked as digital models over the movie’s end credits. Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon and Striker Eureka will come in new shiny black paint jobs with glow-in-the-dark visors, for all those times when you’ve wanted to play pre-viz Pacific Rim in your bedroom.

2. Dino-Damage


Hasbro revealed two new Age of Extinction Dinobots today, and yes, it turns out we will have a Slug and a Slog, but not Slag. Slog, the bronto above, is Voyager Class, and looks ready to cram some justice into Galvatron’s Matrix, if you know what I mean. Meanwhile, stegosaurus Snarl, in Deluxe scale, has a very unfortunate color that makes it look like he was extracted from my nose. Again, I’m guessing these look better in the movie’s metallic color scheme.


3. Mal Wares


On the higher end of the scale, at was unfortunately now the fairly standard price of $180, Mal Reynolds from Firefly gets his first screen-accurate action figure in the 12-inch scale, with finely detailed clothes that you can presumably remove and replace with a Green Lantern outfit if you really want to. The sculpt will be debuting for auidences at the Dallas Comic-Con starting today, but you can also sign up at Quantum Mechanix’s web site to be among the first in the ‘verse to order one. (h/t to poison_shadow for this one)