UPDATED: Fantastic Four Rebooter Josh Trank to Direct a Star Wars Movie


So despite those rumors going around about Disney-owned Marvel canceling Fantastic Four comics to spite Fox – rumors, we should add, that original source Bleeding Cool is bending over backwards to keep justifying – Dinsey-owned Lucasfilm has no problem hiring Fantastic Four reboot director Josh Trank to do one of the Star Wars standalone films.

Trank also directed Chronicle, the first movie to give us Dane DeHaan as a supervillain. Given that fact, and what seems to me to be the godawful casting of Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm, let’s start a new rumor – is Trank in fact a mole who was empowered to sabotage all non-Disney Marvel movies?

Sounds silly, but it’s just as plausible as the other one.

UPDATE: Max Landis just tweeted out the following, which links to a Star Wars fan film apparently directed by Josh Trank – though it feels like a parody of the director of Chronicle doing found-footage Star Wars