Netflix Embraces Cartoon Beastiality in BoJack Horseman


If you thought waking up to find a horse’s head in your bed was terrifying, how about waking up to a horse-man giving you head in your bed? These questions and more will, I presume, be answered in Netflix’s upcoming original animated series BoJack Horseman, featuring Will Arnett as the titular washed-up sitcom star, and Unikitty herself, Alison Brie, as his fully human ex-girlfriend.

This is how I know we’re living in the future. Not by the powerful computers in our smartphones, but by the fact that a show featuring sex with cartoon horses is premiering August 22nd, and nobody really cares that much.

Or if indeed anybody is saying “Neigh,” they’re not exactly hoofing it to the picket lines.

via Bleeding Cool