So, New Robots in Disguise Cartoon Is Basically “Transformers Babies”?


Bumblebee is the leader. He’s backed up by “a rogue team of young Autobots that includes a rebel bad boy bot, an elite guard cadet, a bombastic Dinobot and hyperactive Mini-Con.”

Well, that’s different, I guess. Do we think Peter Cullen just got tired of voicing Optimus, so Hasbro decided to rely on a new generation of characters? Or is this like the animated movie all over again, where the idea is to make kids buy a whole new bunch of characters?

To me, Optimus Prime WAS Transformers. The ’80s cartoon was never exactly the greatest TV thing ever, but that character shone through, and actually made me sad when he died, then got resurrected and died again. I don’t think it’d be right for someone my age to try to claim ownership over new robot-toy cartoons meant for kids, but I can’t help thinking this feels like awful pandering.