Spend the 4th of July with Batman


Friday is the 4th of July. But this year, there is an amazing alternative to all the patriotism, barbecues and fireworks displays (which Aimee Mann so eloquently described in her song about the holiday as a “waste of gunpowder and sky”). IFC is holding a daylong marathon of the elusive 1960s Batman TV series starting with the first episode! You can check out the full schedule here to see if your favorite Batventure will be included. Even if it isn’t, there will still be plenty of Batfun on display. (The network adds the series to its regular lineup starting on the 5th, so if you decide to actually go outdoors on the holiday you won’t completely miss out on all the entertainment). With any luck this marathon will become the next great 4th of July holiday tradition. America, fuck yeah indeed chums! (Via Den of Geek US)