Spidey’s Always Had a Certain Pizzazz!

was a short-lived magazine created by Marvel Comics that ran for 16 issues in the late 1970s. What separated Pizzazz (or, Pizza Ass, if you prefer) from other kids rags of the era like Dynamite, Supermag and Bananas was an exclusive monthly Star Wars comic as well as plenty of shameless self-promotion for Marvel properties. (So many articles about the Hulk!). Today it is little more than a forgotten footnote in Marvel’s long and storied history, albeit one that wears bellbottoms and is more than just a little obsessed with Shaun Cassidy. In the middle of the magazine’s run, Marvel took to the airwaves for the above commercial from 1978 that features a confused Spider-Man. This video raises so many questions. Is this the same Spidey who appeared on The Electric Company? What other mags does our Friendly Neighbor Spider-Man subscribe to? What the hell is “Da Doo Ron Ron” about anyways? How often did Spidey hit up Harry Osborn’s stash of Quaaludes in the 70s? There’s really a lot to ponder here.