The Horror: An Animated Calvin and Hobbes Fanfic Exists


I briefly went insane and thought I might embed the video below, but then I thought better of it. It’ll probably only last as long as it takes Bill Watterson to hear about it.

Other people and sites I know have been tricking people into clicking, pretending it’s a heartwarming, emotional fan tribute that you have to see. But I think I know you. And if I tell all of you that there’s a video of a terrible, awful, unspeakable fake Calvin and Hobbes sex tape out there, well…I don’t think any tricks need to be played. You’ve been warned.

And technically Hobbes is imaginary so it’s not depicting any act that’s illegal. I guess. Horrible, yes, but not criminal. That said, I can’t even bring myself to link to it. You’ll find it quite quickly if you really want to.