Transformers Trifecta: Lifesize Prime, Hall of Fame Finalists, New TV Spot


And you thought Hot Toys were expensive? The Tokyo Toy Show just revealed three-meter tall statues of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee that will retail for a grand total of $13,000 each, which would probably be better spent purchasing an actual, working car or truck. Still, blowing your paycheck is the right of all sentient beings.

Also, the Hall of Fame finalists have been announced and they match up pretty well with what we picked – you can go vote for the winners on Facebook now. The five nominees are:
Optimus Primal

Finally, a new TV spot for Age of Extinction with new footage…

While I don’t have as many pet peeves about the Bayformers movies as some of you do, I have two already based on this trailer. One is a recurring motif – the whole changing into a cloud of nanobots between forms. Like, if they can do this, why bother looking like sentient junked cars EVER? The whole point of Transformers is that they fold over bits and pieces to change.

And two – the hull of a car becomes a flexible, billowing trenchcoat on that one green robot? Kind of the same issue, but different. Not that anybody involved cares at this stage.