Weekend Hangover: 12 Stories You Might have Missed, From Aquaman to Dracula


Compiled as always with the help of Kyle LeClair, this weekend’s styories saw the casting of a new Aquaman, a Hello Kitty collection that repels tomcats, a Disneylike Doctor or 13 (above), and cricket chips.

Tipsters this week include: Gallen_Dugall, SlyDante777, Citrus_King, Dr.Gonzo82, troi, Anyone00, Timely Flower-Hermit, andre_morelo

1. Curry Man.


Though his Conan reboot never caught on, Jason Momoa will attempt to crush his enemies anew and hear the lamentations of their women when he (presumably) covers up that physique of his with a scaly orange shirt and green tights as Aquaman. We’ll spill more about this seaman when we get some hard and firm facts about how his movie role comes to fruition.

2. Kasem if You Got ‘Em.

Creepy, angry people fond of dressing up as monsters to scare away the gullible can take a breather, as accidental super-sleuth Shaggy will no longer be around to expose their evil. Casey Kasem breathed his last yesterday, leaving behind a legacy not just on Top 40 radio, but as a comic-relief voice in almost every Hanna-Barbera cartoon you can name.

May the tributes to him inspire the same kind of passion as can be heard in the clip above, that prompted Kasem to swear about inappropriately upbeat music.

3. I Just Called, to Sega, I Hate You.

Plans to make a live-action/CGI hybird Sonic the Hedgehog movie have been announced, prompting our own SlyDante777 to respond:

While it depends on the story being told, the Sonic games have ONE human character in them. Eggman. The villain. Yes, you can add maria if Shadow’s involved, but it’s still stupid.
So why bother with live-action bits? Well, i can only come to the conclusion that the film will feature brand-new human characters developed exclusively for the film who shall either be completely useless, overshadow the main characters (See: Beef, The), & thus will suck hard.

Oh Sly. That’s like saying, “How can they do The Smurfs as a live-action/CGI hybrid when the only major human characters are Gargamel, Johann and Peewit?”

Sonic’s going to show up in modern-day New York or L.A. Count on it. And enjoy the cartoon trailer above while you can.

4. Kicks: Jock-Tested, Nerd-Approved.

A thorough run-through of every action-movie style kick you can imagine. They might take you to victory, but we can always revel in de feet.

5. By Jiminy!

Anybody want to eat chips made from bugs?


Hey, the crickets’ll shut up once you eat them. But let your conscience be your guide.

6. “Wanna Play Chess? Super. Say, on What Board?”


The Dragon Ball/One Piece/Toriko chess set to make your opponent marvel, and also wonder, “Hey, which piece is Goku supposed to be again?”

7. Boy, Howdy (Again).

Astro Boy is getting a new TV reboot. Funny how nobody could’ve predicted a dubbed movie starring Nicolas Cage was the wrong way to relaunch.

8. Abraham Lincoln, Steapunk Alien Hunter.

Once you beat vampires, it is the next logical step. And speaking of that…

9. Can You Dig Him, (Blood) Sucker?

Estonian researchers want to dig up Count Dracula’s real-life grave. In other news, it seems there have never, ever been any horror movies shown in Estonia.

10. Samurai Soccer.

Because I’m not above shamelessly piggybacking off of trending topics like the World Cup, especially if they throw in something tangential to our interests like a samurai who has a way with a football. That World Cup – it sure is World Cup-y. Like every other World Cup, but different. Though still a World Cup, for sure.

11. Krazy Kat Lady.

Men, the tables are turned – here’s a woman who has trouble getting dates because of her toy collection.

And now you know how they feel.

12. The Raid Will Get Remade.

But why, you ask, when the first one was just fine as it was, and there’s already an unofficial remake called Dredd? Gareth Evans has the answer: