ANOTHER Justice Leaguer Cast…on TV. And He’s Super, Man.


If you thought Brandon Routh wasn’t larger-than-life enough to be the Man of Steel, you’ll like this news – he’s going in the other direction to play Ray Palmer, a.k.a. The Atom, on Arrow.

An unparalleled scientist and inventor, Ray will play an unexpected role in the lives of Oliver and (rumored love interest) Felicity as the new owner of Queen Consolidated. Palmer’s plans for Queen Consolidated’s Applied Sciences Division will be shrouded in mystery.

It’s as if WB is trying to get its TV and movie divisions in competition with each other to see who can do the better Justice League (so far, the CW is beating Zack Snyder in fandom circles, which is amazing when you think about how both were perceived even five years ago). This marks Routh’s third major appearance as a comic-book character (remember, he was also in Scott Pilgrim), and I’m happy to see him get another chance in a property that doesn’t already bring a ton of baggage. Though if it doesn’t work out…

…this Atom will have to split.




…It could be a real atomic bomb.