Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: Desert Radio, Mean Maleficent and Pirate Kitten


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Hello, hello from the vortex of Joshua Tree. This week I attended the 25th anniversay of our local radio station, Z107.7, which is locally owned by Gary and Cindy. They started here in the basin 25 yrs ago. Not many locally owned stations are still around, but little old Joshua Tree has one; they always comment that they are located in a strip mall next to the biggest drug dealer in town: the local family owned pharmacy. Yep, we even have one of those here…next to the local pizza and Indian food restaurant. Z107.7 has been in operation as long as I have lived in the desert. Julia was even a guest DJ when she was in elementary school. Anyway, here is to another 25 yrs of great broadcasting. If you are ever in Joshua Tree stop by and see this treasure.

Contact in the Desert looked cool but too expensive for three… sad.

How did Pirate Luke get the name? Seems like there has to be a funny story there.

Yes, totally agree; the ticket price for contact was a bit much for my wallet also at this time. I figured that to volunteer to work would get my foot in the door. So far they have not gotten back to me so I don’t know if I will be volunteering or not. Hopefully they don’t wait to the last second to let us know if we are working or not and I assume that there is also some sort of orientation before the event. If I do get to go will be reporting in my normal time slot on the event unless Luke wants something else.

The new kitties were named by Luke and Julia. So far we think they are both little boys – but hard to really tell at this age. Pirate Luke is because he is all black which is a pirate color and he sat on Luke’s shoulder like a pirate parrot. At the time we were also talking about the cheesy rip off Disneyland Pirates ride that they went on at a theme park in England a few weeks ago. The cat got the name I think by default.

I just call him Pirate for short right now. The grey one is Love Bug – so far so good on that name.

TR Mom, what do you think of the live-action adaptations of animated movies? We have Maleficent, and soon-to-be Cinderella and (I think) 2 versions of The Jungle Book, and I’m sure some others that I don’t know/don’t remember. I don’t really have a problem, in general, but I have the same opinion as I do on remakes-if you aren’t improving it or telling a different story, then what is the point?

I don’t really care for the turning of an animated classic into live action. There is a great charm in the animation, especially what came out of the Disney studios. I think some of the new live-action versions are much more scary and intense for kids. The animated versions had undertones that the adults got, but the little ones got what they were supposed to get: a good animated movie that you could take them to. I have spoken to several moms in my area with the under 7 set of kids – several walked out of Maleficent as it was way too intense. They had their kids see the animated version many times with no issues, but the live action had them in tears.

Same with Cinderella – the animated and play versions are both delightful and would take a child to see them. I have even been in the stage version of Cinderella. But after Maleficent I’m not so sure if I want to see the live action version.

What was your Favorite kids movie as a child? The one kids movie that you could watch over and over and over again

Mary Poppins !!!!!!!!!!!!!. My parents were dragged to it 10 times in the theater. I still have my original movie soundtrack album . When I was little my parents mostly read British storybooks to me including the entire set of Mary Poppins. I still have my set of books and read them to Julia when she was little. I have the VHS tape when that came out and a couple of years ago was given the anniversary DVD. I loved the Disney movie about the making of Mary Poppins even with some of the mistakes that were in the movie. Also loved it when at Disneyland Mary Poppins would fly over the park with the fireworks. My go-to song when I audition is “Feed the Birds”; it is always a hit as the casting has not heard it a million times during casting.

Ms. Ppraisal,
Have you ever considered doing movie reviews for Luke? I, for one, would love to read your thoughts on Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem and/or Guardians of the Galaxy.

Would love to do movie reviews – however that would be stepping on Luke’s toes as he is the professional reviewer and critic. Also he gets to see the movies way before I ever would as he goes to the press viewings. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to get the movies out to where I live so timely would not be a part of my reviews. He has taken me to one press screening and that was of Les Mis. Loved it. It was so hard not to talk about it until it was released as there was a press embargo. Maybe sometime he can find something else for me to review or give my take on something after it hits general public and gets out here to the neverland.

Are you a fan of David Lynch? Eraserhead to me always seemed overwrought, horrifying, and lacked a sympathetic “hero”, and to this day, I wonder why his (David) daughter even speaks to him, knowing she was the inspiration. On to the question question. When Lynch took over directing Dune, he flip flops on claiming the film, basically saying they took away creative control, but he won’t re-edit it now. Do you think this is so he can play both sides, either claiming his genius when the film is praised, or disowning it when it isn’t?

I really loved Twin Peaks. Some of the other stuff is way to weird for my liking. As you have probably guessed I prefer musicals and lighter movies. I love sci fi but never really understood Dune. Lots of directors claim and unclaim their work. I guess it depends on the mood of the day.

What are the medical repercussions of a penis entering a cervix?

You’d be surprised how often it happens in hentai

Well I have never seen hentai in anime etc. So I can only guess what they are doing may not be “normal.” Normal actions do not generally have many repercussions; of course there can always be an accident if you are not careful.

If Rogue from X-Men yearned for a human touch that didn’t absorb their memories or powers why didn’t she just use one of the Genoshan mutant inhibitor collars?

Your guess is as good as mine and probably better.

Soo i got a question, what does a fan of stephen king who had followed the releases of the dark tower feels about all those people who are wanting to George R. R. Martin to release new books faster?

Books, like a good wine, need to age. I feel sometimes if a writer rushes to get something out it may not be as good as if the time was taken to do it properly. Writing is a creative process that many times you cannot rush.

Well, that is all for this week. When I am not appraising or writing I am living in the pool. Been over 100 degress every day this week. We have also been humid and gotten a few rain drops, but not enough to do much more than spot the car. I am going to an old car club meeting this week, and thinking of joining. Comic-Con is coming up fast on us: I’m not going, but can’t wait to see what Luke finds this year. He gets to go every year and it happens during his birthday so quite a present. So anyway that’s about it. As always be good to each other and Huggs.

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