Even Hot Toys Isn’t Crazy Enough to Do a 12″ Scale Dark Knight Rises Bat…So 6″ It Is


Yes, for perhaps the first time ever, Hot Toys blinked at doing something extravagant. Realizing that a vehicle as big as your living room that would have to cost over a grand might actually be daunting to the less-than-dedicated collector (a.k.a. wusses), they created a new (to them) 6″ scale for Batman figures, allowing for a totally reasonable (again, for them) price tag of $838.48.

As if to prove how reasonable this is, they’ve even provided a handy scale chart that proves this toy is totally smaller and more manageable than their ginormous bust of Tim Curry as Darkness from Legend. In other news, why don’t I own that Tim Curry bust yet?


As I’ve just returned from the UK, where mainstream toy stores seem primarily to carry the crappy drugstore 4″ versions of every major action figure and still charge up the wazoo, getting back home and seeing this makes me wanna cry “‘MURCA!!”

Er, I mean…