Funko’s Amputee Obsession: Armless Wampa, Headless Hershel Toys for Comic-Con


Funko, known for their black-eyed bobbleheads of almost every successful property there is, seem like they’re showing a bit of a dark side. For Comic-Con, they’re doing not one, but TWO toys based on popular dismemberment scenes. Oh, sure, the Wampa in Empire Strikes Back had it coming, and considering what happened to Darth Maul, the ice beast got off easy.

Not so Hershel Greene on The Walking Dead


Yes, this guy who already has a severed leg now comes in a version you can – and are supposed to – rip the head off of, mimicking his final fate at the hands of the Governor. I see why these aren’t sold in toy stores, but I’m wondering if all the cuteness maybe drove some of the designers a little crazy.

In other news, Armless Wampa, Headless Hershel sounds like a great martial-arts movie. Get on that, Harvey Weinstein.