OF COURSE There’s a Lego Rocket Raccoon Set You Can Only (Hope to) Get at Comic-Con


So, what chance do you actually have of owning this set, which will sell for the slightly high price of $40, and be scalped for way, way more? I was gonna say it’s not rocket science, but, well…

Just this – comics fans know that Rocket Raccoon is the most marketable Guardians of the Galaxy character, and that if he’s handled with any competence whatsoever onscreen, kids are gonna want all the stuff with his face on it they can get.

Non-comics fans might not know this yet. For them, the hype may be premature since the movie hasn’t opened. I know, I know, it’s a slim hope. Just don’t tell any of them, all right?

via Marvel Toy News, h/t SlyDante777