Rob Zombie Wants Fans to Fund His Next Movie. Also, Rob Zombie Still Has Fans


I’m not totally opposed to Rob Zombie the director – remaking The Empire Strikes Back as white-trash grindhouse in The Devil’s Rejects was as close to brilliant as he gets, I’ll defend Halloween II as an unreliable fever dream on Laurie’s part, and House of 1,000 Corpses has Chris Hardwick being murdered. But the more I see of his work, the less I feel is there. Lords of Salem proved his wife could act and had some great visuals – but every one of said visuals was cribbed from Kubrick or Polanski. He’s still like all the guys I went to film school with who insisted on pointing out which director each shot of their Super-8 film was a homage to.

You want to crowdsource a movie, Rob? Crowdsource a good script first. Because…you wanna hear the idea he has for this one?

It is the story of five random people kidnapped on the five days leading up to Halloween and held hostage in a place called Murder World. While trapped inside this man-made Hell they must fight to survive playing the most violent game known to man… a game called 31. 31 has no rules. 31 has no boundaries. It is ever so simple. Do whatever you can do to kill your opponent before they kill you. Keep this up for 12 hours and freedom is yours. Who are the opponents? Well… a group of vile, filthy, blood-thirsty clowns known as THE HEADS. They come in all shapes and sizes and each grows nastier than the last.

I’m pretty sure I saw this already, except it had the extra twist of being a game show too.

You know what else makes me dubious? The announcement video, that has no clue where the line is between funny-disturbing and just plain annoying.

I’ll tell you what I would shell out money for, though. If Rob Zombie and Zach Braff get together on a Kickstarter crossover movie, and Zombie’s killer redneck rapist clowns or whatever show up to torture Braff’s navel-gazing whiners to death, I’m in.

h/t Chris Monfette via Bloody-Disgusting