Toy News Trifecta: Glowing Kenner Alien, Anthony Mackie and Exclusive Boba Fett at…Walgreens?


Yes, Walgreens is apparently looking to become a new player in the toy collection games. On the heels of having had several McFarlane Toys exclusives, they’ve nabbed their biggest ever – Star Wars Black Series 6″ Prototype Boba Fett. Ironically for the black series he is white, but if you’re thinking about this baby it don’t matter.

Incidentally, did you know the rocket in his backpack was originally meant to be a grappling hook, or that his knees theoretically shoot projectiles? Many a childhood role-play moment would have been improved with the knowledge of such potential cheap attacks.

You probably knew Gentle Giant was doing a 22″ figure based on the sculpt of the original 1979 18″ Kenner Alien – but now you know they’re doing a Comic-Con exclusive one with an entirely glow-in-the-dark body. It’ll run you close to $500, but to be fair, so will the orignal Kenner one…and that’s if you’re lucky.


Finally, this week should see Marvel Select’s Falcon movie figure fly into comic-book stores everywhere, finally allowing you to take Anthony Mackie home. He’s pretty fly for a plastic guy.


h/t to Blast-o-rama on 2/3 of the items above