Weekend Open Thread: Space Invaders!

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There’s a Space Invaders movie happening. If it actually has those monsters above hurling missiles down from the sky, I’m for it.

No hangover post Monday, as we still have Comic-Con previews to squeeze in before the big event actually happens. For this you can thank me and my writing team, none of whom wanted to be the first to turn one in (self included!).

Next weekend will be nuts. And my thirties will be over. In the meantime, it’s y’allzes turn to go crazy in comments.

Oh, and the winner of the Scarlett Johansson Blu-ray is…

I would explain to her that she is surrounded by many wells..and she needs to find 3 telephone pieces to call home to get back Home..and that every movement she does she will become weaker and can only replenish with resses pieces scattered about….then I will watch to her dismay as, after putting together the phone, she gets picked up to go back home…but she ends up right back in the area of Wells. and if she dies three times (4 if she find the potted plant).. its all over for her. I will be amused for about 20 min then leave .

Congrats, suchasiam. Please contact me with your address.