Yes, Doomsday Is Probably in Batman v. Superman


Bleeding Cool got this whole discussion started anew today citing a source that supposedly saw production designs for everyone’s favorite knuckle-boned Superman killer. Now, Bleeding Cool’s overall policy on rumors tends to be one of throwing everything to the wall to see what sticks, but I have a few sources of my own, and what I’m hearing is that this is legit info. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in the final film, considering that they seem to have changed direction a few times…but I’m fairly certain he’s been featured in at least one planned iteration of it. Even the Man of Steel Blu-ray hints at it.

I’m a fan of the character’s official origin, as a clone of a clone of a clone (ad infinitum) of a baby that died on the harsh surface of ancient Krypton, boosting his immunity at every stage of the process…but based on what we know of Batman v. Superman, I doubt we’ll be seeing that. Rather, it’ll probably be “blah blah blah Lexcorp blah blah blah Codex blah blah.”

But it can’t be worse than on Smallville…right?